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When the paint flows, it’s as if my mind dances alongside it. Proudly rooted in Austin, Texas, and born amidst the chill of January, creativity has been my lifelong companion. By day, I delve into the world of restaurants, but when the day’s hustle subsides, my true passion unfurls. Spin art has been my sanctuary for years, and with each canvas stretched, I deepen my craft.

As the canvas spins, my thoughts often drift to memories of biking adventures, a cherished chapter of my past. In those moments, I reconnect with the rhythm of the road, the freedom of the wind against my skin. Art, for me, is not merely a pursuit; it’s a journey to the core of my being.

My creations often bear traces of my affinity for cycling. Salvaged bike wheels and aged parts find new life as integral elements of my pieces. Each painting, born from this fusion of mediums, arrives ready to grace a wall, a testament to the harmony of art and innovation.

Welcome to my world of expression. If you’re drawn to my work and wish to make it a part of your own, don’t hesitate to reach out. Whether you seek local pickup or require shipping arrangements, I’m here to facilitate your journey into my artistic realm.

Stay creative,

Nick B.

Nick Bauer edited
spin table 1
I made it out of a table saw platform and treadmill parts.
spin table 2
Used a treadmill motor to power it.
spin table 3
My speed control.

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